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Eagle Hill Seminars and Workshops on the coast of Maine

General Application Information and Costs, etc.

Seminars are generally limited to 12-16 participants. Early application is therefore recommended. Applications must generally be received at least four weeks prior to the beginning of a seminar, but late applications are possible. Applications can be printed out and mailed or faxed, or filled out online.

Deposits. Each application needs to be accompanied by either a $100 (week-long seminars) or $50 (weekend workshops) deposit, purchase order, or training authorization form. Deposits are fully credited towards costs for room, board, and tuition. Balances are due upon arrival at Eagle Hill, or, in the case of purchase orders and training authorization forms, will be invoiced after the end of a seminar (unless requested earlier). Deposits are returned when a seminar is full. Deposits can be made by credit card.

Costs of Seminars and Workshops. Amounts are given in US$. All seminars are 5 instructional days, plus an arrival day and a departure day.

Tuition fees. Week-long seminars: $475; weekend workshops: $150. For a few exceptions, see the seminar calendar.

Residential choices. Rates are per person. Our best efforts are made to assign rooms according to preferences and needs. Some single rooms are available.

  Seminars Weekend workshops
Lodge: 2x occupancy (with lounge) $195 --
Cabin: 2x occupancy $175 --
Classroom building (with lounge): 2x occupancy $165 $30/night
Simple cabin: 2x occupancy. Separate washhouse $115 --
Tent site (platforms): With own tent, bedding, and towels. Separate washhouse $55 --

For descriptions and photos of residential accommodation options, click here.

Meal choices. Seminars Weekend workshops
Resident meal plan. Required for all Institute residents, including tenters. Includes dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day $245 $90
Guests of residents - breakfast and dinners ... or lunches and dinners $192 --
Commuter meal plan. Required for all commuters. Includes lunches, snacks, and arrival day supper $74 $45

Financial Assistance. Information on discounts and scholarships is listed below and in the seminar application forms. Additional information on financial aid is available here.

Late applications. Applications within the four-week period prior to the start of a given seminar are welcome. Potential applicants are encouraged to call first to ask if space is still available.

Refunds. If an application is cancelled before the beginning of a seminar, partial refunds of the $100 deposit are as follows:

4+ weeks = $70 refund
2–4 weeks = $50 refund
0–2 weeks = no refund

Arriving early and staying on for one or more extra days. Adding days to your seminar stay at the Institute is sometimes possible. This option may be helpful for airline discount purposes (i.e., airlines sometimes have Saturday stay over requirements for discounts). Some participants enjoy extending their stay in order to explore the coast of Maine on their own. Accommodations and meals are simply pro-rated on a per-day basis for any extra days.

Credit options. Please contact Marilyn at marilyn@eaglehill.us and your registrar's office or agency before registering.

University Credits
Certificates, Continuing Education Units, and Recertification credits

General discounts. One of the following general discounts may be selected ... see application form. The discount applies to tuition and room costs, but not meal costs.

Alumnus(a) of 1 previous seminar ... 10%
Alumnus(a) of 2 -3 previous seminars ... 15%
Alumnus(a) of 4 or more previous seminars ... 20%
Students at colleges and universities ... 10%; with faculty letter of recommendation ... 20%
Couples or groups ... 20%
Year-round residents of Washington and Hancock Counties ... 20%

Partial scholarships ... 10–50% ... see application form. Scholarships apply to tuition and room costs, but not meal costs.

Non-participating guest fees. Accommodation and meal fees, as above, plus a $100 contribution to the research fund

Other fees, if applicable.

$15 microscope fee (waived if you prefer to bring your own microscope(s).
Personal photocopying and optional lab supplies and equipment.
Some seminars have a required publications fee and/or lab fee.

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