Board of Editors

Setsuko Aoki – Professor of International Law, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University [Japan]

Marietta Benkö РExecutive Editor, German Journal of Air and Space Law [Germany]

David L. Christensen – Aerospace Consultant/Historian [USA]

Catharine A. Conley – Planetary Protection Officer, NASA [USA]

Bruce Cordell – Editor, [USA]

Kenneth J. Cox – NASA/Industry-Engineer and Scientist, Avionics Systems [USA]

Aude-Emmanuelle Fleurant – Head, Armament and Defense Economy Research Group, French Military Academy Strategic Research Institute [France]

Jerome C. Glenn – Executive Director, The Millennium Project [USA]

R. Cargill Hall – Emeritus Chief Historian, US National Reconnaissance Office [USA]

Ram S. Jakhu – Associate Professor, McGill Institute of Air and Space Law [Canada]

W.H. (Bill) Knuth – Industry-Administration and Engineering, Aerospace Systems and Propulsion [USA]

Michael Lang – Smithsonian Institution [USA]

George Larson – Founding Editor, Air & Space/Smithsonian [USA]

Joerg-Henner Lotze – Publisher; Director, Eagle HIll Foundation [USA]

Langdon Morris – Innovation Lab, LLC [USA]

Dmitry Payson – Director of Development, Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation [Russia]

George S. Robinson – Legal Counsel, Smithsonian Institution (ret.); Space Lawyer [USA]

V. Siddhartha – Former member, Group of Experts, 1540 Committee – UN Security Council [India]

Xu Yu – Deputy Secretary General, China Institute of Space Law [China]

Haifeng Zhao – Dean, School of Law, Harbin Institute of Technology [China]