General Information

Space and Evolution is of interest to all who actively think about the survival and evolutionary potentials Space offers to all life forms, including humankind life. The mission of the journal involves a core understanding that evolution at all biological levels always involves a need for and an awareness of new “space,” and an adaptation to and an “occupation” of new “space.”

Space and Evolution publishes select Articles and Brief Communications that focus on aspects of basic and applied research and related policy matters that discuss biological, biotechnologically integrated, and relevant technology engineering issues involved in all aspects of humankind’s exploration of Space, and our eventual permanent migration to, and settlement of

Primary categories of manuscripts …

  • manuscripts in general biology, medicine, genetics, pathology, biochemistry, inorganic and organic chemical engineering, biotechnology, and contamination, when these subjects are related to Space travel;
  • parallel manuscripts in general astronomy, the search for habitable planets, general engineering, launch systems, astronautics, the commercialization of Space, the search for off-Earth resources, manufacturing in Space, first colony options, the search for off-Earth life forms, and planetary defense;

Supporting categories of manuscripts …

  • manuscripts in furtherance of the journal’s mission from the fields of Earth geo-sciences/global ecology/climatology, anthropology, cultural history, economics, diplomacy and politics, law, as well as on philosophy, religion, and ethics, when these subjects are related to Space travel;
  • manuscripts which help to bridge disciplines in the hard and soft sciences.

When considered together, Articles and Brief Communications with Space and Evolution will each contribute to a comprehensive inter-disciplinary understanding of the magnitude of the efforts involved in our species’ potential for long-term survival and biological and biotechnologically enhanced evolution through successful exploration of Space, and our eventual permanent migration to, and settlement of, off-Earth Space.

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