Publication Formats

The journal welcomes submissions of manuscripts that are structured as longer articles, within which the text is broken up under multiple section headings. A Literature and Sources Cited section and a Footnotes section are encouraged. There is a suggested arbitrary minimum of 2,000 words, with no maximum at this time. See general Guidelines below.

Brief Communications
The journal’s Brief Communications section serves as a rapid response forum which allows authors to submit brief manuscripts in a timely manner about official position papers, speeches, news reports, project proposals, and pending policy decisions, etc. Brief Communications can also focus on newly published books, transcripts of public debates, articles published in other journals and magazines, etc. They can also serve as free-form presentations that promote a new idea or a re-evaluation of an old idea. There is a suggested manuscript arbitrary minimum of 250-500 words, preferably within one or two paragraph, without section headings. See general Guidelines below.

Email Dialogs
The journal welcomes submissions of informal email dialogs among colleagues who are engaged in a discussion of a reasonably tightly thematically focused topic that is within the mission guidelines of the journal. This publication format allows for an informal exchange of ideas which can be archived for historical purposes and made available to a wider audience. Emails need to be assembled in chronological sequence within a single file. They each need to have a title/subject, the name of its author, and a time stamp when the email was sent. Given that multiple authors are involved in the Dialog, the author of record needs to state that all authors in the Dialog have given permission for their email to be published and have had the opportunity to make editorial changes. Select topics addressed within informal Email Dialogs can serve as the basis for formal Brief Communications and Articles, or for followup informal Email Dialogs.

Guidelines for Submissions of Manuscripts for Articles and Brief Communications
Submissions of manuscripts for the Articles and Brief Communications sections that are within the overall mission guidelines of the journal should be optimized for high impact for the purpose of inspiring readers to submit their own thoughts by way of the Comments section that accompanies each Article or Brief Communication, or by way of submitting their own manuscript for an Article or a Brief Communication. Discussions should be tightly focused and clearly reference all sources that are being cited by way of specific citations within-text as weblinks, when possible. A Literature and Sources Cited section and a Footnotes section are encouraged. Manuscripts for both Articles and Brief Communications will be reviewed, considered for publication, briefly edited as needed in collaboration with each author, and then formally published online.

Comments are intended as an integral part of the journal and may be submitted by anyone who is knowledgeable about the subject matter of an Article or Brief Communication. Comments are posted immediately without being reviewed prior to posting, and as such are considered informal postings. Comments are reviewed from time to time for appropriateness and may be subject to deletion.

Special issues
The journal welcomes proposals for special issues. These can be based on presentations at a conference or symposium, or they can be invitational special issues with a common theme suggested by specialists, one of whom will act as the Editor for the special issue. Given the considerable range of subject matter interests of the journal, special issues will make it possible for the journal to work towards providing in-depth coverage in diverse disciplines, as opportunities for dialogues among specialists by way of special issues present themselves.

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