Submissions and Inquiries

The journal welcomes submissions of manuscripts within the mission guidelines of the journal that are structured either as longer articles or brief communications. For general manuscript considerations, please see Publication Formats. Manuscripts may be submitted within the body of an email or as an attachment in Microsoft Word. They need to be structured as follows:

  • Title … Titles should be reasonably succinct, yet informative and creative enough to intrigue potential readers.
  • Main body … Manuscripts may be structured as one or more paragraphs, and may include section headings when needed.
  • Sources cited … All sources cited within the main body should be listed with enough detail to allow anyone to find the source. Websites may be cited within the main body or with the Sources Cited section.
  • Author title and affiliation … It is helpful to include these, but their inclusion is considered optional at this time.

To submit a manuscript or a question, please write to …

Space and Evolution, Eagle Hill Institute, PO Box 9, Steuben, ME 04680, United States

Joerg-Henner Lotze
207-546-2821 Ext 4
cell # 718-715-2824