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Eagle Hill seminars and workshops - 2015

The following is a complete list of all regularly scheduled seminars and workshops at Eagle Hill this summer. Those with special tuition rates are so indicated.

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May 24 - 30 Memorial Day alumni and family/friends week/weekend  
May 29 - 31 (weekend) Foraging for Edible Wild Plants Tom Seymour    
Jun 7 - 13 Bogs and Other Maine Peatlands Nancy Slack
Jun 14 - 20 Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Northeast Amy Arnett
Jun 14 - 20 Mosses: Structure, Ecology, and Identification Jerry Jenkins and Susan Williams
Jun 21 - 27 Introduction to Maine Seaweeds: Identification, Ecology, and Ethnobotany Jessie Muhlin and Nic Blouin
Jun 21 - 27 Lichens and Lichen Ecology (Tuition: $525; lab fee: $20) David Richardson and Mark Seaward
Jun 21 - 27 Illustrating the Flora and Fauna of Maine: Colored Pencil Techniques Dolores Santoliquido
Jun 28 - Jul 4 July 4th alumni and family/friends week/weekend  
Jun 28 - Jul 4 Crustose Lichens: Identification using Morphology, Anatomy, and Simple Chemistry (Lab fee: $40) Irwin Brodo
Jun 28 - Jul 4 Sedges and Rushes: Identification and Ecology Anton Reznicek
Jul 5 - 11 Craft and Vision: Photographing Maine Woods and Waters Barbara Southworth
Jul 5 - 11 Calicioid Lichens and Fungi of the Acadian Forest Steven Selva
Jul 5 - 11 Dragonflies and Damselflies: Field Techniques and Identification Bryan Pfeiffer
Jul 12 - 18 Moths and Butterflies: Identification, Specimen Preparation and Taxonomy Hugh McGuinness and Bryan Pfeiffer
Jul 12 - 18 Beetles: Diversity, Identification, and Natural History Warren Steiner and Gary Hevel
Jul 19 - 25 Grasses of Northeastern North America: Practical Identification for Field Biologists Dennis Magee
Jul 19 - 25 Native Bees as Pollinators: Diversity, Ecology, Conservation, and Habitat Enhancement Alison Dibble and Frank Drummond
Jul 19 - 25 Wetland Identification, Delineation and Ecology (Tuition: $575) Matthew Schweisberg and Joseph Homer
Jul 26 - Aug 1 Field Botany and Plant Ecology of the Eastern Maine Coast Jill Weber
Jul 26 - Aug 1 The Iapetan Crossing: A Traveling Geology Course, Maine to Quebec (Special fees for housing and travel; contact office for details) Douglas Reusch
Jul 26 - Aug 1 Marine Polychaetes: Identification and Natural History (Boat fee: $75) Stephen Hale and Sheldon Pratt
Aug 2 - 8 Mushroom Identification for New Mycophiles: Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Greg Marley and Michaeline Mulvey
Aug 2 - 8 Submersed and Floating Aquatic Plants C. Barre Hellquist
Aug 9 - 15 Botany at the Landscape Scale Jerry Jenkins   
Aug 9 - 15 Lakes and Rivers: Understanding Their Ecology and Evaluating Environmental Quality (Lab fee: $20) Marilyn Mayer
Aug 16 - 22 Lichens, Biofilms, and Stone (Tuition: $525) Judy Jacob and Michaela Schmull
Aug 16 - 22 Plant Anatomy and Microtechniques (Lab fee: $20) Richard Keating and Robbin Moran
Aug 23 - 29 Taxonomy and Biology of Ferns and Lycophytes Robbin Moran and Carl Taylor
Aug 23 - 29 Advances in Field Ornithology: Methods for Studying Songbird and Raptor Migration Adrienne Leppold and David Brinker
Aug 30 - Sep 5 How to Know the Lichen Genus Cladonia and Its Parasites Richard Harris
Aug 30 - Sep 5 Independent Study of Moss Identification William Buck
Sep 6 - 12 Labor Day alumni and family/friends week/weekend  
Oct 11 - 17 Columbus Day alumni and family/friends week/weekend  


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