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Eagle Hill seminars, courses, and workshops - 2016

The following is a complete list of all regularly scheduled seminars and workshops at Eagle Hill this summer.

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May 22 - May 28 Better Birding: Field Identification for Advancing Birders Bryan Pfeiffer
June 12 - 18 Creative Writing: Finding Your Native Voice Sandy Phippen
June 19 - 25 Species Identification and Assessment of Northeastern Freshwater Fish Assemblages David Halliwell
June 19 - 25 Moths and Butterflies: Identification, Specimen Preparation, and Taxonomy Hugh McGuinness and Bryan Pfeiffer
June 19 - 25 Plate tectonics of the Appalachians: A Traveling Geology Course, Maine to Quebec Douglas Reusch
June 26 - July 2 Dragonflies and Damselflies: Field Techniques and Identification Bryan Pfeiffer
June 26 - July 2 Mosses, Liverworts and Sphagnum Nancy Slack and Ralph Pope
June 26 - July 2 Seashore Subjects in Pen & Ink and Color Pencil Dolores Santoliquido
July 3 - July 9 Sedges and Rushes: Identification and Ecology Anton Reznicek
July 3 - July 9 Lichens and Lichen Ecology David Richardson and Mark Seaward
July 10 - 16 Crustose Lichen Identification Irwin Brodo
July 10 - 16 Native Bees as Pollinators: Diversity, Ecology, Conservation, and Habitat Enhancement Alison Dibble, Frank Drummond, Sara Bushmann
July 17 - 23    Wetland Identification, Delineation and Ecology Matthew Schweisberg and Joseph Homer
July 17 - 23 Beetles: Diversity, Identification, and Natural History in Maine and Around the World Gary Hevel and Warren Steiner
July 17 - 23 Painting in Watercolor: Groupings of Maine Plants in Habitat Carol Woodin
July 24 - July 30 Introduction to Maine Seaweeds: Identification, Ecology, and Ethnobotany Jessica Muhlin and Nic Blouin
July 24 - July 30 Restoring Stream Processes - Field Applications Steven Koenig
July 31 - Aug 6 Mushroom Identification for New Mycophiles: Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Greg Marley and Michaeline Mulvey
July 31 - Aug 6 The Rocky Coast: Ecology, Botany and Pattern Jerry Jenkins   
July 31 - Aug 6 Pleurocarpous Mosses of Maine and their Habitats (Full) Bill Buck and Bruce Allen
Aug 7 - 13 Slime Molds: Miniature Marvels of Nature Steven Stephenson
Aug 7 - 13 The EPT Taxa (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera): Taxonomy and Stream Biomonitoring Steven Burian
Aug 14 - 20  Taxonomy and Biology of Ferns and Lycophytes Robbin Moran and Carl Taylor
Aug 14 - 20  Coastal and Inland Forests of Maine: Identification and Ecology of Trees and Shrubs Eric Jones  
Aug 21 - 27 Field Methods for Studying Avian Migration Adrienne Leppold and David Brinker 
Aug 21 - 27 Polypores and other Wood-inhabiting Fungi (Full) Thomas Volk
Aug 28 - Sept 3 Marine Benthic Macroinvertebrates, Communities, and Habitats Stephen Hale and Sheldon Pratt
Aug 28 - Sept 3 Introduction to Coastal Maine Birds: Identification, Taxonomy, and Ecology Gene Wilhelm
Sept 4 - 10 Field Ornithology: Shorebirds and Seabirds of Downeast Maine Gene Wilhelm
Sept 4 - 10 Exploring Medicinal Plants of Maine (and beyond) Steven Foster



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