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Call for Organized Sessions

At the heart of the Conference are the oral presentation sessions. The NENHC Program Committee relies on individuals who value the sharing of information related to their research interests to take the initiative in coming up with specific session titles and inviting colleagues to participate. The Committee is then responsible for developing the program schedule and for placing unsolicited oral presentations in appropriate sessions. Below are suggestions for some possible sessions to be organized followed by a provisional list of confirmed session titles. To promote collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue, proposals for other special sessions are welcome. Such sessions can highlight how active and dynamic a given subject is. The amount of time allotted for each session is 90 minutes. The general structure of each session is as follows: a couple of minutes for a session overview and introduction, and then four 20-minute presentations (and/or panel discussions), with 2 minutes following each presentation for questions (more if a talk finishes early). Session organizers are expected to actively solicit presentations for their sessions. Past session organizers have expressed how satisfying it is to participate in the conference on that level, allowing them to further develop and solidify connections with colleagues in their field.

If you have a proposal for a special session or suggestions or questions you would like to discuss, please contact us.

For a list of session topic proposals that have already been confirmed for the upcoming conference, see the Session Topics page.

The deadline for session proposals is February 12th.

Some Potential Session Titles

Human Impacts
   Air Quality and Effects on Biota
   Climate Change and Effects on Biota
   Water Quality and Effects on Biota
   Ecological Literacy in the Face of Climate Change
   Wind Power Development and Effects on Biota

General Conservation
   Biodiversity Conservation
   Ecological Restoration
   Habitat Conservation and Management

   Novel Ecosystems

   Wildlife Disease and Health

Freshwater Ecology
   Ecology and Conservation of Vernal Pools
   Ecology of Diadromous Fish
   Freshwater Insects and Other Invertebrates
   Freshwater Malacology
   Wetland Ecology

Marine Ecology
   Marine Fish Ecology and Fisheries
   Marine Mammal Ecology
   Ecology of Marine Algae
   Ecology of Marine Invertebrates

Terrestrial Zoology
   Avian Distribution and Ecology
   Bird Migration
   Ecology of Spiders
   Ecology of Bees and Wasps
   Forest Birds
   Forest Health and Deer Management
   Lepidoptera Ecology
   Small Mammal Ecology
   Terrestrial Large-Mammal Ecology
   Other Terrestrial Invertebrates

   Bryophyte Ecology
   Ecology of Fungi
   Floristic Studies
   Forest Ecology and Forest Practices
   Lichen Ecology

   Citizen Science
   Paleobotany and Paleozoology of the Northeast






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