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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 14, Number 1, 2015

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Encounters of Royal Terns (Thalasseus maximus) Banded in South Carolina
Felicia J. Sanders and Stacy J. Ray
Trophic and Population Ecology of Introduced Flathead Catfish Pylodictis olivaris in the Tar River, North Carolina
Daniel J. Walker, Jordan Holcomb, Robert Nichols, and Michael M. Gangloff
A Test of Potential Pleistocene Mammal Seed Dispersal in Anachronistic Fruits Using Extant Ecological and Physiological Analogs
Madison J. Boone, Charli N. Davis, Laura Klasek, Jillian F. del Sol, Katherine Roehm, and Matthew D. Moran
Do Habitat Characteristics Influence American Alligator Occupancy of Barrier Islands in North Carolina?
Adam Parlin, Steve Dinkelacker, and Aaron McCall
Distribution and Habitat Selection by the Maritime Pocket Gopher
Jorge D. Cortez, Scott E. Henke, Dean W. Wiemers, Timothy E. Fulbright, David B. Wester, and Richard Riddle
Seasonal Dynamics and Plant Preferences of Megacopta cribraria, an Exotic Invasive Insect Species in the Southeast
Sarah M. Huskisson, Kayla L. Fogg, Taylor L. Upole, and Caralyn B. Zehnder
Earthworm Communities in Previously Glaciated and Unglaciated Eastern Deciduous Forests
Kristine N. Hopfensperger and Sarah Hamilton
Fish Hosts of Four Freshwater Mussel Species in the Broad River, South Carolina
Chris B. Eads, Jennifer E. Price, and Jay F. Levine
New Distribution Records for Bats in Northwestern North Carolina
Gabrielle J. Graeter, Corinne A. Diggins, Kendrick C. Weeks, and Mary K. Clark
Assessment of Population Structure of Coyotes in East-Central Alabama using Microsatellite DNA
Dalinda L. Damm, James B. Armstrong, Wendy M. Arjo, and Antoinette J. Piaggio
Tree Swallow Frugivory in Winter
Natalia C. Piland and David W. Winkler
Wild Turkey Prenesting-resource Selection in a Landscape Managed with Frequent Prescribed Fire
Eric L. Kilburg Christopher E. Moorman, Christopher S. DePerno, David Cobb, and Craig A. Harper
Biology, Spawning, and Movements of Cycleptus meridionalis in the Lower Alabama River, Alabama
Maurice F. Mettee, Thomas E. Shepard, Patrick E. O’Neil, and Stuart W. McGregor
Morphological Analyses of the Mecardonia acuminata (Plantaginaceae) Species Complex in the Southeastern USA
Adjoa Richardson Ahedor and Wayne Elisens
Parasites of the Carolina Bay Lake-Endemic Fundulus waccamensis (Waccamaw Killifish)
Erin J. Burge and Stanley D. King
Predation on the Scorpion Centruroides hentzi (Banks) (Scorpiones: Buthidae) by the Assassin Bug Microtomus purcis (Drury) (Insecta: Hemiptera: Reduviidae)
Dirk J. Stevenson and Kevin M. Stohlgren
Direct Observation and Review of Herbivory in Sirenidae (Amphibia: Caudata)
Robert L. Hill, Joseph R. Mendelson III, and Jennifer L. Stabile
Use of Anthropogenic Nest Substrates by Crested Caracaras
James F. Dwyer, and Jeffrey P. Dalla Rosa
Clarification on the Fecundity of Rhinoptera bonasus (Mitchill)
Christian M. Jones and William B. Driggers III
Praxelis clematidea (Asteraceae): A New Plant Invader of Florida
Amber G. Gardner and Kent A. Williges
Noteworthy Books and Erratum B1
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