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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 6, Number 1, 2007

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Noxious Menu: Chemically Protected Insects in the Diet of Caracara cheriway (Northern Crested Caracara)
Joan L. Morrison, Jeffrey Abrams, Mark Deyrup, Thomas Eisner, and Michael McMillian
Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Availability
Michael F. Delany, Matthew B. Shumar, Molly E. McDermott, Paul S. Kubilis, James L. Hatchitt, and Rosanna G. Rivero        
Effects of Management Strategies on the Reproductive Success of Least Terns on Dredge Spoil in Georgia
Kathryn A. Spear, Sara H. Schweitzer, Robin Goodloe, and Deborah C. Harris
Breeding Success of Rostrhamus sociabilis (Snail Kites) at Two Florida Lakes
James A. Rodgers, Jr.
Anatomy of the Laminar Organs of Commelina erecta (Commelinaceae)
Roland R. Dute, Brian E. Jackson, Ryan D. Adkins, and Debbie R. Folkerts
Microfungi from Bark of Healthy and Damaged American Beech, Fraser Fir, and Eastern Hemlock Trees During an All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory in Forests of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Richard E. Baird, Clarence E. Watson, and Sandra Woolfolk
Declines in Ravine-inhabiting Dusky Salamanders of the Southeastern US Coastal Plain
D. Bruce Means and Joseph Travis
Alligator Diet in Relation to Alligator Mortality on Lake Griffin, FL
Amanda N. Rice, J. Perran Ross, Allan R. Woodward, Dwayne A. Carbonneau, and H. Franklin Percival
Spatial Ecology of the Coachwhip, Masticophis flagellum (Squamata: Colubridae), in Eastern Texas
Richard W. Johnson, Robert R. Fleet, Michael B. Keck, and D. Craig Rudolph
Establishing a Baseline and Faunal History in Amphibian Monitoring Programs: The Amphibians of Harris Neck, GA
C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr. and William J. Barichivich
Diurnal Seasonal Activity of Cryptobranchus alleganiensis (Hellbender) in North Carolina
W. Jeffrey Humphries
Invasive Crayfish Orconectes neglectus Threatens Native Crayfishes in the Spring River Drainage of Arkansas and Missouri
Daniel D. Magoulick and Robert J. DiStefano
The Effect of Burial Depth on Removal of Seeds of Phytolacca americana
John L. Orrock and Ellen I. Damschen
Testing Tail-mounted Transmitters with Myocastor coypus (Nutria)
Sergio Merino, Jacoby Carter, and Garrett Thibodeaux
Status of Populations of the Endangered Gray Bat in the Western Portion of its Range
D. Blake Sasse, Richard L. Clawson, Michael J. Harvey, and Steve L. Hensley
Occurrence of Microtralia ovula and Creedonia succinea (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Ellobiidae) in South Carolina
Julian R. Harrison and David M. Knott
Observations of Speyeria diana (Diana Fritillary) Utilizing Forested Areas in North Carolina that have been Mechanically Thinned and Burned
Josh W. Campbell, James L. Hanula, and Thomas A. Waldrop
Occurrence of Carcharhinus isodon (Finetooth Shark) in Florida Bay
Tonya R. Wiley and Colin A. Simpfendorfer
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