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Donations of Equipment, Books, and Museum Exhibits

In an effort to provide an optimal setting for the study of astronomy at Eagle Hill, we are working on developing astronomy-related collections, including books, telescopes, working models, maps, fine art prints, and even meteorites. The plans for the Astronomy Resource Center will thus include a library, museum exhibits of all kinds, as well as framed works of art that have astronomy themes. To the extent possible, objects in museum exhibits will be actively used for teaching purposes.

Donations are welcome, with categories as follows:

     6 to 16-inch telescopes with go-to capability for viewing events.
     A 24-inch or larger telescope for search and research projects such as the Eagle Hill Supernova
        Search Project.
     Antique telescopes for museum display and occasional classroom use

For museum case display
     Armillary spheres
     Globes of Earth and other planets
     Memorabilia relating to Space exploration

For framed exhibition on walls
     Etchings and engravings with astronomy themes
     Maps of the Universe

     Books on astronomy
     DVDs on astronomy

Donations are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Service guidelines.



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