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Contributions Welcome for the Astronomy Resource Center


The telescope... is a conduit to the cosmos.

                                                                        --Neil deGrasse Tyson



During the last half century, humanity has accomplished amazing feats in the realm of space exploration. Astronauts have visited the moon, our robotic representatives are currently combing the Martian surface for signs of alien life, and several unmanned probes have left the cradle of Earth’s solar system fated to ultimately be humankind’s ambassadors to the stars. While all of these breathtaking missions were the product of decades of work by major space agencies, the inspiration and drive to explore beyond the confines of Earth was often the result of an individual gazing up at the night sky and wondering. It is in this spirit of exploration, wonder, and discovery that the Eagle Hill Institute is reaching out to individuals and organizations who are interested in financially supporting its endeavor to establish an Astronomy Resource Center.


Taking advantage of some of the darkest night skies on the eastern seaboard, the Astronomy Resource Center at Eagle Hill will foster the interest of the general public and novice astronomer while also providing the essential infrastructure and resources required by serious amateur and professional astronomers to continue their studies of the night sky. Regardless of whether an individual’s interest in the stars is a piqued curiousity, a serious hobby, or a lifelong passion, the Astronomy Resource Center will provide the means to explore the deepest reaches of space without leaving the serene beauty of coastal, Downeast Maine.


To see this vision through to fruition is a substantial undertaking involving everything from acquiring telescopes of varying types and size, computers and software, and reference materials to creating curriculums and implementing programs to designing and constructing an observatory and planetarium. Contributions from generous individuals such as yourself will make it a reality, bringing the inspiration of the cosmos and the practical knowledge and skills of scientific pursuit into the lives of many.


If you have the means to make a substantial financial contribution to the project, there are naming opportunities and other means of special recognition we would be happy to discuss with you. We welcome your interest and encourage you to contact us for further details about all the options for collaboration.


Donors interested in contributing to the Astronomy Resource Center at the Eagle Hill Institute should contact Joerg-Henner Lotze, Director, at PO Box 9, Steuben, ME 04680 or by email at joerg@eaglehill.us. Donations are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Service guidelines.



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