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Information for participants

Transportation Options

Eagle Hill is easily reached by car by taking Route 95 to Augusta or Bangor and eventually taking coastal Route 1 to Steuben. Detailed directions and a local map will be sent with registration materials. Driving directions can also be had here. For public transportation options (planes, trains, buses, and taxis), click here.

There are a number of regularly scheduled airline flights to the city of Bangor. Some people prefer to fly to the Bar Harbor (Trenton) airport or the Portland airport and rent a car for a week. Cars can also be rented at the Bangor airport. There are options for carpooling.

A deluxe express Concord Trailways bus (207-945-4000, 800-639-3317) travels from Boston to Portland and Bangor (movies are shown on board and snacks are provided). Concord Trailways also offers local bus service from Portland to Bangor via Coastal Route 1.

Bus service from Bangor to Mathew’s Country Store in Steuben's (1.5 hour trip) is provided by West's Coastal Connections (207-546-2823; in Maine, 800-596-2823; or simply call Concord Trailways at 207-945-4000). There is one daily departure from Bangor at about 3:00 PM and one daily departure from Steuben at about 11:00 AM (times may be variable, i.e., inquiries are absolutely essential). Participants can call the Institute upon arrival at the Country Store to arrange for a ride (546-2821).

Campers and Trailers
No camper vehicles or trailers can be accommodated at the Institute at this time. There are a number of nearby campgrounds (please inquire). It is recommended that all seminar participants sign up for the full meal plan because this makes planning for the seminar much easier. It also allows all participants to take full advantage of informal group discussions before and after meals, particularly discussions and activities after the evening meals.

Guests of Participants.
Residential space at the Institute is limited. Family members and friends are welcome as non-participating guests, provided space is available. Guests are responsible for their own activities and do not participate in seminar field trips or classroom activities. Guests are asked to sign up for the regular residential meal plan along with everyone else at the station.

Pets - As a general rule, no pets of any kind are allowed.

Arrival and Departure Times for Seminar Participants
Participants of the weeklong seminars may arrive anytime on Sunday afternoon. Dinner is at 7 PM and is generally followed by a brief orientation session. Seminars conclude with a special dinner on Friday evening. Departure is on the following Saturday morning. By notifying the Institute well in advance, it is sometimes possible for seminar participants to arrive on Saturday afternoon or to leave on the following Sunday if this helps to facilitate travel plans. There is a room and board surcharge for Saturday arrival or Sunday departure.

Staying on at the Institute for an Extended Period
Participants may elect to stay on at Eagle Hill for an extended period after their seminar if residential space is available. During this period, they will responsible for their own activities and will share meals with other station guests.



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