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Aim and Scope ...

Geographical region covered - The Prairie Naturalist fills an important role as the avenue of communication of research on the vast North American grasslands and their biota. Manuscripts based on studies outside of this region that provide information on species within this region may be considered at the Editor’s discretion.

Manuscript subject matter - The Prairie Naturalist welcomes manuscripts based on fieldwork, observations, and associated lab work that focus on terrestrial and freshwater fauna, flora, and habitats. Subject areas include, but are not limited to, community and landscape ecology, species-specific population dynamics, biology, conservation applications, behavior, biogeography, taxonomy, evolution, anatomy, and physiology. Strict lab, modeling, and simulation studies on natural history aspects of the region, without any field component, will also be considered for publication, as long as the research has direct and clear significance to field naturalists and the manuscript discusses these implications.

Special issues - The Prairie Naturalist welcomes proposals for special issues that are based on a series of invitational articles or on conference or meeting proceedings. Special issue editors can rely on the journal staff’s years of experiences in efficiently handling most details relating to the publication of special issues.




We welcome your submission to the journal. Before sending in a manuscript, you should carefully read the following guidelines.

Submission guidelines
Formatting guidelines

If you have questions, please contact the Editor

Jane Austin

or the Publisher

Joerg-Henner Lotze


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The Prairie Naturalist has transitioned to an online journal. There will be a single volume per year, plus occasional special issues.

Special Issues

Natural History Now photo essays

Volumes of the Prairie Naturalist prior to 2020 are available online in the Prairie Naturalist Archives via Digital Commons at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Link


Copyright policy

The Eagle Hill Institute reserves the copyright to articles and notes published in its journals. Any reproduction in print or electronic format, other than for an individual's own personal and private use, is prohibited without written permission from the Institute.

Authors are provided a print-quality pdf file of their article with permission to post the file on their personal and their institution’s website.