Looking back from its orbit around Mercury, MESSENGER captured the above view of the Earth and its Moon on May 6th, 2010.

Space and Evolution

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Space and Evolution ...

Space and Evolution (ISSN 2153-6678) is an interdisciplinary online journal which publishes Articles and Brief Communications which discuss aspects of humankind’s potential for survival and evolution through its exploration of Space and eventual permanent migration to and settlement of off-Earth Space. The journal serves as an open forum for those who understand the critical and timely need for the integration of knowledge pertinent to this species' mandate. The journal offers:

• over 20 years of experience by the publisher of consistently providing timely high-quality publication of manuscripts.

• article-by-article online publication for prompt distribution to a global audience. Whenever a manuscript has been peer reviewed and the final galley copy has been approved by the author and editor, it will be immediately published.

• an efficient and responsive review process.

• the expertise to efficiently publish special issue based on a collection of articles-by-invitation or based on conference proceedings. Articles in special issues can be published on an article-by-article basis or they can be held until all articles in the full issue are ready to be published.

• the capability to accommodate publication of a wide range of supplemental files in association with journal articles.

The journal is published by the Eagle Hill Institute, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation of the State of Maine (Federal tax ID # 010379899).

General inquiries about the journal and proposals for special issues should be directed to joerg@eaglehill.us, or to

Space and Evolution
Eagle Hill Institute, PO Box 9, 59 Eagle Hill Road, Steuben, Maine 04680-0009 USA
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We welcome submissions of manuscripts. Please consider the following guidelines.

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The Space and Evolution is an open access journal.

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The Eagle Hill Institute reserves the copyright to the content of its journals. Any reproduction in print or electronic format, other than for an individual's own personal and private use, is prohibited without written permission from the Institute.

Authors are provided a print-quality pdf file of their article with permission to post the file on their personal and their institution’s website.