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Are you requesting a general discount? Only one of the following may be requested.
Institute alumnus(a) of 1 previous seminar (10%)
 Institute alumnus(a) of 2-3 previous seminars(15%)
Institute alumnus(a) of 4+ previous seminars(20%)
University student(10%); with faculty letter of recommendation(20%)

If you are a student, please list your university or college. If you are an alumnus, please list seminars you have attended.

Comments, other infomation, and questions, etc., are welcome:

Each application needs to be accompanied by a $50 deposit, which is credited towards costs for room, board, and tuition. The balance is due upon arrival at Eagle Hill. Once you click "Submit" below, you have the option to go to a secure server to pay your deposit by credit card by way of PayPal ... or ... to choose "Pay by check".

I will participate in the seminar(s) with the understanding that individual classes will be recorded and made available for the duration of the seminar only to its partipants so they are able to review them or make up missed ones.

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