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General Application Information and Costs, etc.

Seminars are limited to 16 participants. Early application is recommended. Applications within the 2-week period prior to the first day are welcome, but please call or email us first to ask if space is still available.

Costs of Seminars. All seminars have 5 instructional days, plus an arrival day and a departure day.

Tuition. Generally $545, with some exceptions (see annotations in calendar after titles: *1 = $595, *2 = $645, *3 = $100, *4 = $395). CEUs are available (see below).

Accommodations. The rates below are for the duration of the seminar (6 nights, from Sunday night through Saturday morning).

Lodge ... $295 per person, 2x occupancy
Cabin ... $285 per person, 2x occupancy
Classroom building ... $275 per person, 2x occupancy
Simple cabin with separate washhouse ... $150 per person, 2x occupancy
Tent platform with own tent, bedding, towels, and separate washhouse ... $55

See below if you might like to arrive early or extend your stay.

Descriptions and photos of residential options.


Full Meal Plan. $345. Includes Sunday evening dinner through Saturday morning breakfast. Required for all guests and participants staying on-site.

Commuter Meal Plan. $130. Includes Sunday evening dinner and lunches Monday through Friday. Required for all commuters, though commuters are welcome to upgrade to the full meal plan.

We are pleased to accommodate those who have meal restrictions, such as gluten and dairy intolerance.

Other fees, if applicable.

Microscope fee ... $15 (waived if you prefer to bring your own microscope(s).
Personal photocopying and optional lab supplies and equipment.
Some seminars have a required lab fee (see seminar flyer).

General discounts. One of the following general discounts may be selected. See application forms. The discount applies to tuition and room costs, but not meal costs. Discounts are not cumulative.

Alumnus(a) of 1 previous seminar ... 10%
Alumnus(a) of 2 -3 previous seminars ... 15%
Alumnus(a) of 4 or more previous seminars ... 20%
Students at colleges and universities ... 15%; with faculty letter of recommendation ... 30%
Eagle Hill instructors, Board members and Editors of Eagle Hill journals - 20%.
Couples or groups ... 10%
Year-round residents of Washington and Hancock Counties, Maine ... 20%

Financial Assistance. Information on discounts and scholarships is listed below and in the seminar application form. Additional information on financial aid.

Partial scholarships ... 10–50% ... see application form. Scholarships apply to tuition and room costs, but not meal costs.

Credit options. CEUs are available for all seminars through the University of Maine at Machias (fee = $40).

Certificates, Continuing Education Units, and Recertification credits

Deposits & Payments. Each application needs to be accompanied by either a $100 deposit, purchase order, or training authorization form. Deposits are fully credited towards costs for room, board, and tuition. Full balances must be paid 1 month prior to the start of the seminar at the latest (or as soon as you receive the invoice, if you apply within a month of the seminar's start date). In the case of purchase orders and training authorization forms, are invoiced after the end of a seminar, unless requested earlier. All payments are returned if a seminar is full or cancelled. Please note that all online payments to Eagle Hill will be processed through PayPal. If you do not want to pay via PayPal, or your organization does not allow you to pay via PayPal, you may mail us a check instead.

Travel insurance. Standard travel insurance is recommended, especially for those who are planning on traveling by plane. This helps in case of a change of plans.

Refunds. If an application is cancelled before the beginning of a seminar, partial refunds of the $100 deposit are as follows:

4+ weeks = 70% refund
2–4 weeks = 50% refund
0–2 weeks = no refund

Late applications. Applications just prior to the start of a seminar are welcome. Please contact us first to ask if space is still available.

Arriving early and/or staying on for 1 or more extra days. Adding days to your seminar stay at the Institute is sometimes possible. This option may be helpful for airline discount purposes (i.e., airlines sometimes have Saturday stay-over requirements for discounts). There are study retreat options.


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