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General Application Information and Costs, etc.

Workshops are generally limited to 8 participants, so early application is recommended. Applications within the 2-week period prior to the first day are welcome, but please email or call us first to ask if space is still available.


Tuition. $150 for 2 days of instruction. Some workshops have a lab fee.

Accommodations. The rates below for rooms are for the duration of the workshop (3 nights, from Friday night through Monday morning). We are offering mostly rooms for two people who know each other and are comfortable rooming together. There are a very limited number of single rooms.

Lodge ... $195 with 2 beds
Cabin ... $175 with 2 beds
Classroom building ... $165 with 2 beds, $115 with 1 bed
Simple cabin. With separate washhouse ... $115 with 2 beds
Tent platform: With own tent, bedding, and towels. Separate washhouse ... $30


Our traditional 3 meals per day service is not being offered at this time. Instead, there will be a welcome dinner on Friday and continental breakfast each day through Monday morning. ... $45

Guests are otherwise welcome to use our 2 kitchens to prepare their own meals and/or collaborate on shared meals. The staff will provide general oversight, with special attention to opitmizing social distancing by way of both time and space in the kitchen and in the dining area. There is ample refrigerator space and there are bins for storing one's own food and beverages. The town of Milbridge (7.3 miles) has a well-stocked grocery store. It has 3 restaurants, one of which is Mexican, and all of which offer takeout dinners. It also has a seafood market which offers lobsters, crabmeat, clams, oysters, varieties of fresh fish, and seaweed salad. For field trip lunches, the grocery store and Steuben Country Store offer sandwiches that can be pre-ordered. They also offer freshly made pizzas.


The following discounts are available.

Alumni of 1 previous seminar or workshop - 10%.
Alumni of 2-3 previous seminars or workshop - 15%.
Alumni of 4 or more previous seminars or workshop - 20%.
Students at colleges and universities - 15%; With faculty letter of recommendation - 30%.
Eagle Hill instructors and Board members and Editors of Eagle Hill journals - 20%.
Couples or groups - 10%.
Year-round residents of Hancock and Washington Counties, Maine - 20%.

Deposits. Each application needs to be accompanied by either a $50 deposit, purchase order, or training authorization form. The balance is due by the first day, or, in the case of a purchase order or training authorization form, will be invoiced after the last day, unless requested earlier. Deposits are returned when a seminar is full or canceled. The deposit can be made by credit card by way of PayPal while filling out the online application. No PayPal account is needed.

Travel insurance. Standard travel insurance is recommended, especially for those who are planning on traveling by plane. This helps in case of a change of plans.

Refunds. If a participant cancels their application before the beginning of a seminar, the partial refund of the $50 deposit is as follows:

4+ weeks = $35 refund
2–4 weeks = $25 refund
0–2 weeks = no refund


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