Eagle Hill Masthead

Meeting Rooms at Eagle Hill

dining hall lounge copyright Joerg LotzeMeeting rooms at Eagle Hill are well equipped to aid visiting groups in their discussions regarding wildlife, natural history, the environment, conservation, nature in art, or cultural perspectives of nature. PowerPoint and slide projectors are available for presentations.

The Commons building lounge, which is located just off the dinning room, can serve as a meeting area. Groups that use this space enjoy the option of meeting directly after a meal without having to relocate to another building.

The new addition to the Commons building provides a range of additional room options for meetings, gatherings, and presentations. 

The lodge building is nestled in amongst the trees and has a large study room and lounge. There are residential accommodations  (for up to 12 people) in the same building, making for an intimate setting for intense study sessions and is also suitable for meetings involving up to 24 people.

lodge meeting room copyright Eagle HillThe classroom building has a small lounge and meeting room for smaller gatherings (8-10 people) or presentations for up to 50 people.

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