Eagle Hill Masthead

The Setting at Eagle Hill

The Eagle History Institute is located on the densely forested summit of Eagle Hill, the highest part of Dyer Point, the peninsula between the Schoodic Point section of Acadia National Park and Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge. Trails through its boreal forest lead from the summit of Eagle Hill to a number of overlooks offering inspirational views of the coast of Maine, with its rocky and evergreen-lined shore and its many islands, bays, and peninsulas. Other trails are just a short distance to Dyer Bay and a blueberry field. This aesthetically pleasing environment is a very conducive setting for scientific, literary, and natural history-related artistic pursuits. Care has been taken in the construction and setting of all structures on the approximately 150-acre campus to minimize impact on the surrounding landscape. Buildings are thus clustered, but nestled in the woods, providing privacy and maintaining the natural aesthetics of the forested setting.

The Four Seasons

Each of the four seasons at Eagle Hill is delightful and inspirational. From mid-May through mid-September, the animals and plants on the coast Maine thrive on the long days and warm temperatures. The spectacular fall foliage season, from mid- September through the end of October is a cool and pleasant time to go on a retreat. Likewise, when snowfalls begin blanketing our boreal forest in the months of December through March, the woods are transformed into a serene wintry landscape. With the coming of spring and the melting snows, the mossy woods glow with a lush greenness and are permeated with the smells of earthly renewal and the calls of the returning songbirds.

The Eagle Hill Campus




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