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lab room library bookshelves copyright Eagle HillAt Eagle Hill, we recognize the critical role that education plays in improving the lives of everyone. The Eagle Hill Library is a specialized public library containing a uniquely diverse collection focused mostly on natural history science and art. We continue to work on expanding the Eagle Hill library resources. A major addition to the Commons building is mostly completed and now serves as a centralized library resource and study facility. Completion of this project will allow us to make our library resources more readily accessible to the general public. The State of Maine, recognizing the Eagle Hill Library as a valuable part of Maine’s public library network, has provided a high-speed, high-capacity T-1 internet connection. Seminar participants and the public have computer access with nine desktop workstations and Wi-Fi capacity.

Library Hours

The library is currently open throughout the year, by prior arrangement. Until the Commons building addition is completed, the library shares space with one of the Institute's classrooms and one of its lounges. Access is thus limited during times when seminars are in session.

The Book Collection

Most of the library’s holdings are fully computerized and are searchable by author, title, subjects, etc. The library is a significant resource for people who have interests in natural history. The library has books in all areas of the natural history of North America, a modest collection of books on the natural history of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, and growing collections on art, culture and archaeology of the North Atlantic region, and the humanities.

Electronic Databases

The library has access to a number of key on-line databases. These databases provide users with the ability to search thousands of journals (back issues too) for full-text articles focusing on a very wide array of subject matter.


Additional books and journals welcome. In an effort to continue to expand the resources of the library, the Institute is actively looking for additional books on natural history, art, art history, and North Atlantic cultures and archaeology as well as scientific journals to add to its collections. We are especially interested in collections of books from retiring professionals and naturalists who would like to find a good home for their collections. Donations of books and journals are appropriately acknowledged and are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

Commons Building Addition Campaign. Once this project is finished, regular library hours will be posted. Donations are welcome for the construction of the Commons building addition, and can be earmarked for allocation to the completion of the library portion of the project.




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