Eagle Hill Masthead

Fine Art and Craftsmanship at Eagle Hill

The worlds of science, art, and craftsmanship find a natural nexus at Eagle Hill, in the very real sense that each of these disciplines can find much inspiration through careful examination of and reflection about nature.

Training Programs

Scientific Illustration ... Since 1987, Eagle Hill has been offering seminars in the natural history-related arts, mostly focusing on media used in scientific illustration. There is a special emphasis on the art of composition within a micro-landscape setting. ... Link

Ceramics ... Eagle Hill started offering ceramics workshops in 2019, both on wheel throwing and slab building. After forming ceramic pieces has been mastered, there is an emphasis on aesthetics by way of adding natural history motifs. ... Link

Art Library Collection ... Visitors to the Institute are welcome to browse the 1,000 volume art library book collection, which mostly consists of books of interest to art historians and collectors of antique works of art.


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