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Mini-seminars are generally limited to 8–12 participants, so early application is recommended. Applications within the 2-week period prior to the first day are welcome, but please email us first to ask if space is still available.

Most Mini-seminars have five 2-hour classes over each of five days, for a total of 10 hours. However, the number of days, number of hours per day, and the start time each day are flexible, depending upon the subject-matter and the teaching preference of the instructor. Most take place during evenings or on weekends, thus making it possible to participate without needing to take time away from work or vacations. Program descriptions state whether there is a requirement for, or a recommendation for, a hand-lens and/or a microscope.

Format ... Mini-seminars take place over Zoom. Participants need to have a free zoom.us account. They will receive a secure direct link to join the classes. There is a technology testing option 30 minutes prior to each class.

Makeup classes ... Individual classes will be recorded and made available for live viewing (not downloading) for the duration of the seminar by its partipants, so they are able to review them or make up missed ones.


Tuition. Tuition for Mini-seminars is based on the number of hours of instruction, which is listed for each seminar. Most will have five 2-hour classes over each of five days, for a total of 10 hours, and a tuition of $150. Those with a longer or shorter teaching program will have a prorated tuition. Some have a lab fee.


The following discounts are available.

Alumni of 1 previous seminar or workshop - 10%.
Alumni of 2-3 previous seminars or workshop - 15%.
Alumni of 4 or more previous seminars or workshop - 20%.
Students at colleges and universities - 15%; With faculty letter of recommendation - 30%.
Year-round residents of Hancock and Washington Counties, Maine - 20%.

Deposits.Each application needs to be accompanied by a $50 online deposit. We first send a brief acceptance email. We follow up with a full acceptance email, along with a balance statement. This needs to be paid upon receipt to confirm your place in the seminar. Deposits are returned when a seminar is full or canceled. They can be made by credit card by way of our PayPal portal after filling out your online application. No PayPal account is needed.

Refunds. If a participant cancels their application before the beginning of a seminar, the partial refund of the $50 deposit is as follows:

4+ weeks = $35 refund
2–4 weeks = $25 refund
0–2 weeks = no refund


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