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Eagle Hill natural history training programs have the following three formats.

Summer Week-long Seminars ... These are the traditional week-long, in-person, and in-residence field seminars we have been offering since 1987.

Fall Weekend Workshops... Our in-person and in-residence workshops offer shorter intensive learning opportunites over weekends with expert instructors. We have been offering them since 2014.

Online Seminars ... This page features our fully interactive Online Seminars. They are being offered througout the year as a direct result of and as a creative response to the coronavirus. They are intensive training opportunities with expert instructors who teach by way of a Zoom link. The are interactive without the use of recorded presentations. They have broad geographic applicability. Each includes suggestions for readings and references as well as helpful websites to efficiently augment what is covered during online presentations. The sharing of photographs is encouraged. Almost all are taught outside of normal work-week hour, i.e., during evenings (Eastern Time) and on weekends. A free Zoom account is needed. Classes are recorded so partipants can review them or make up missed ones. Recording are only available to participants.

Online Seminars Paired with a Study Group ... Some online seminars focus on taxa that are species-rich in the vicinity of Eagle Hill. These seminars pair well with informal self-study or group-study at Eagle Hill. Participants who choose to come to Eagle Hill for a nature retreat can spend the daytime collecting and studying specimens that are the focus of their online seminar, with the goal of preparing to participate in their online classes in the evening. They will join other participants from other locations. Seminar descriptions clearly state if a self- or group-study option is a good idea.

Nature Retreats ... Opportunities for nature retreats overlap with the above programs.

Online seminar participants are welcome for nature retreats at Eagle Hill.

They can participate in evening classes, explore the coast of Maine during the day, use microscopes, high speed internet, and a 10,000 volume library.

Natural history science programs overview

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2021 Online seminars - Some dates pending

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Mar 6 - Apr 10 Hornwort Biology and Systematics Full. Juan Carlos Villarreal Aguilar
Mar 27 - Apr 10 Myxomycetes (Slime Molds) and Higher Fungi in Tropical Forests, with an Emphasis on Northern Thailand Steven Stephenson
Apr 5 - May 3 Photography and Biology of Spring Insects and Spiders Kefyn Catley
Apr 6 - Apr 20 Crustose Lichens Full. Gary Perlmutter
Apr 21 - May 5 Marine Red Algae: Ecology, Identification, Distribution, and Importance in the Northwestern Atlantic Amanda Savoie
Apr 29 - May 27 Leaf and Stem Mining Insects of the Southern USA Charley Eiseman
May 13 - 27 Biology and Field Identification of Amphibians Lynda Miller
May 15 - 29 Freshwater Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Australia with an Emphasis on Tropical Species C Barre Hellquist
Jun 2 - 11 Deep Time: The History of Life on Earth Fred Rogers
Other seminars are in discussion. Proposals are welcome.

2020 Online Mini-seminars ... Completed

Jul 25 - Aug 29 Leaf Mining and Stem Mining Insects Full. Charley Eiseman
Jul 28 - Aug 6 Biology and Field Identification of Amphibians and Reptiles Lynda Miller
Jul 29 - Aug 26 The Poet and The Natural World Hayley Kolding
Aug 1 - 29 Introduction to Tardigrade Study and Identification Full. Emma Perry
Sep 4 - Oct 2 Painting Hummingbirds in Watercolor Full. Dorie Petrochko
Sep 5 - Oct 3 Leaf Mining and Stem Mining Insects Full. Charley Eiseman
Sep 21 - 25 Identification of Common Grasses (Poaceae) Using Field Features Full. Robert Lichvar
Sep 28 - Oct 7 Photographing and Identifying Fall Insects and Spiders
Kefyn Catley
Oct 5 - 7 Identification of Common Carex (Sedges) Using Field Features Full. Robert Lichvar
Nov 2 - 11 A "Dive" into the Liverworts and Hornworts of Central America Full. Gregorio Dauphin
Nov 13 - Dec 1 Marine Macroalgae: Ecology, Identification, Distribution, and Importance Full. Amanda Savoie
Nov 9 - 23 Introduction to Lichens Full. Gary Perlmutter
Dec 5 - 19 Ferns of Central America Weston Testo
Jan 9 - Feb 6 Winter Identification of Trees and Woody Plants of the Northern Forest Full. Erika Mitchell
Jan 20 - 29 Costa Rican Natural History and Culture: An Evolutionary Perspective Full. Gregorio Dauphin
Feb 2 - 16 Perceptions of Flora and Fauna in Ancient Central and South American Art and Culture Shelley Burian
Feb 13 - Mar 13 Winter Identification of Trees and Woody Plants of the Northern Forest Full. Erika Mitchell
Feb 22 - Mar - 8 Crustose Lichens Full. Gary Perlmutter
Mar 22 - 31 Nonindigenous Amphibians and Reptiles in Florida from 1863–2020: Evidence for 157 Years of Invasions Kenneth Krysko
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