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No. 7
Tunnel Boring Machines for Off-World Colonies
Douglas Thorpe
No. 6
One-Way Ticket to Mars: Examining the Law and Options to Regulate Adventurism on Celestial Bodies
Kiran Krishnan Nair
No. 5
Conversion of the Space Shuttle Main Engine to the Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle
William H. Knuth
No. 4
The US Manned Space Program and a New Tomorrow: A Response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Call of October 14, 2014, “Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization”
Douglas G. Thorpe
No. 3
End of the Humankind Odyssey? Explore, Discover, Migrate, Adjust, and Survive … or Become Extinct
George S. Robinson
No. 2
US Participation and Leadership Potential in Humankind’s Migration and Survival Off-Earth: The Myth of Competitive Procurement Benefits
William H. Knuth
No. 1
The Justification for Human Space Development and Habitation Beyond Low Earth Orbit: An Invitation for an Open National and Global Dialogue
John Robinson