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Caribbean Naturalist Special Issue No. 1, 2016

The Caribbean Foresters: A Collaborative Network for Forest Dynamics and Regional Forestry Initiatives

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Front cover  
Inside front cover  
Board of Editors/Indicia  
General Acknowledgments  
Introduction: Caribbean Forest Dynamics and Regional Forestry Initiatives
Tamara Heartsill Scalley and Grizelle González
Description of Collaborative Efforts  
Caribbean Foresters Take Steps Towards a Network of Permanent Forest Plots in the Caribbean: A Meeting Report
Ariel E. Lugo
Keynote Address—Forest Management, Climate Change, and Biodiversity: Advancing an Understanding of Caribbean Forest Dynamics and Creating Long-term Regional Networks
Marilyn Headley
Communication from the National Forest Inventories Working Group of the 16th Caribbean Foresters Meeting: Proposal for a Regional Workshop
Humfredo Marcano-Vega, Carlton Roberts, Henri Vallès, Jacqueline Andre, Kevin Boswell, Dennis Lemen, Floyd Liburd, and Christian López
Communication from the Information Sharing Working Group: Agreement for Data Sharing Among Caribbean Foresters
Tamara Heartsill Scalley, Saara DeWalt, François Korysko, Guy Van Laere, Kasey R. Jacobs, Seth Panka, and Joseph Torres
Presented Contributions  
Applicability of the Design Tool for Inventory and Monitoring (DTIM) and the Explore Sample Data Tool for the Assessment of Caribbean Forest Dynamics
Humfredo Marcano-Vega, Andrew Lister, Kevin A. Megown, and Charles T. Scott
Permanent Forestry Plots: A Potentially Valuable Teaching Resource in Undergraduate Biology Programs for the Caribbean
Henri Vallès and C.M. Sean Carrington
Caribbean Dry Forest Networking: An Opportunity for Conservation
Karina Banda-Rodríguez, Julia Weintritt, and R. Toby Pennington
The Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative: A New Framework for Effective Conservation of Natural and Cultural Resources in the Caribbean
William A. Gould, Kasey R. Jacobs, and Marixa Maldonado
Boundary Organizations as an Approach to Overcoming Science-Delivery Barriers in Landscape Conservation: A Caribbean Case Study
Kasey R. Jacobs, Lia Nicholson, Brent A. Murry, Marixa Maldonado-Román, and William A. Gould
The Forest Ecosystems Observatory in Guadeloupe (FWI)
Guy Van Laere, Yolande Gall, and Alain Rousteau
Forest and Community Structure of Tropical Sub-Montane Rain Forests on the Island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles
Saara J. DeWalt, Kalan Ickes, and Arlington James
Long-term Understory Vegetation Dynamics and Responses to Ungulate Exclusion in the Dry Forest of Mona Island
Julissa Rojas-Sandoval, Elvia J. Meléndez-Ackerman, José Fumero-Cabán, Miguel García-Bermúdez, José Sustache, Susan Aragón, Mariely Morales-Vargas, Gustavo Olivieri, and Denny S. Fernández
Invited Research Contributions  
Long-Term Response of Caribbean Palm Forests to Hurricanes
Ariel E. Lugo and Jorge L. Frangi
Associations between Soil Variables and Vegetation Structure and Composition of Caribbean Dry Forests
Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman, Julissa Rojas-Sandoval, Denny S. Fernández, Grizelle González, Hana Lopez, José Sustache, Mariely Morales, Miguel García-Bermúdez, and Susan Aragón
Climate and Biodiversity Effects on Standing Biomass in Puerto Rican Forests
Robert Muscarella, María Uriarte, David L. Erickson, Nathan G. Swenson, Jess K. Zimmerman, and W. John Kress
Human Dynamics and Forest Management: A Baseline Assessment of the Socioeconomic Characteristics of the Region Surrounding the El Yunque National Forest
Kathleen A. McGinley
Concluding Remarks  
Building a Collaborative Network to Understand Regional Forest Dynamics and Advance Forestry Initiatives in the Caribbean
Grizelle González and Tamara Heartsill Scalley






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