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Northeastern Naturalist Volume 19, Number 2, 2012

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Testing GIS-generated Least-cost Path Predictions for Martes pennanti (Fisher) and its Application for Identifying Mammalian Road-crossings in Northern New Hampshire
George Leoniak, Sarah Barnum, Jonathan L. Atwood, Kurt Rinehart, and Mark Elbroch
Winter Diet of River Otters in Kentucky
Erin E. Barding and Michael J. Lacki
Distribution and Roost Selection of Bats on Newfoundland
Allysia C. Park and Hugh G. Broders
Species Composition and Relative Abundance of the Mesopelagic Fish Fauna in the Slope Sea off Nova Scotia
Daphne E. Themelis and Ralph G. Halliday
Spatial and Temporal Variation in Otolith Chemistry for Tautog (Tautoga onitis) along the US Northeast Coast
Ivan Mateo, Edward G. Durbin, David A. Bengtson, Richard Kingsley, Peter K. Swart, and Daisy Durant
Age, Growth, and Reproduction of the Eastern Mudminnow (Umbra pygmaea) at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey
Frank M. Panek and Judith S. Weis
Amphibian Sampling Techniques along Maryland Coastal-plain Streams
Gabriel F. Strain and Richard L. Raesly
Density and Distribution of Amphipods in Oneida Lake, New York, after the Introduction of the Exotic Amphipod Echinogammarus ischnus
John E. Cooper, Elin Wallquist, Kristen T. Holeck, Catharine E. Hoffman, Edward L. Mills, and Christine M. Mayer
Managing Marginal Populations of the Rare Wetland Plant Trollius laxus Salisbury (Spreading Globeflower): Consideration of Light Levels, Herbivory, and Pollination
Kristina N. Jones and Susan M. Klemetti
Parsimony Analysis of East Coast Salt Marsh Plant Distributions
Joseph W. Rachlin, Richard Stalter, Dwight Kincaid, and Barbara E. Warkentine
The Allelopathic Potentials of the Non-native Invasive Plant Microstegium vimineum and the Native Ageratina altissima: Two Dominant Species of the Eastern Forest Herb Layer
Brian F. Corbett and Janet A. Morrison
Asian Invasive Earthworms of the Genus Amynthas Kinberg in Vermont
Josef H. Görres and Ryan D.S. Melnichuk
Connecticut Birds and Climate Change: Bergmann’s Rule in the Fourth Dimension
Dakota E. McCoy
Male Savannah Sparrows Provide Less Parental Care with Increasing Paternity Loss
Noah G. Perlut, Lindsay M. Kelly, Nathan J. Zalik, and Allan M. Strong
A Heretofore Unreported Instant Color Change In a Beetle, Nicrophorus tomentosus Weber (Coleoptera: Silphidae)
Bernd Heinrich
Biogeographic and Conservation Significance of the Occurrence of the Canadian Endemic Sorex maritimensis (Maritime Shrew) in Northern New Brunswick
Donald F. McAlpine, Howard M. Huynh, and Karen J. Vanderwolf
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