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Northeastern Naturalist Volume 24, Number 2, 2017

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Ecology of Rodent–Ectoparasite Associations in South-Central Kentucky
Matthew J. Buchholz and Carl W. Dick
The Role of Beach Nourishment on the Success of Invasive Asiatic Sand Sedge
Pedram P. Daneshgar, Lael B. Phillips, D. Patrick James, Mitchell G. Mickley, Andrew M. Bohackyj, Lucas J. Rhoads, Richard P. Bastian, and Louise S. Wootton
Ecological Predictors and Consequences of Non-native Earthworms in Kennebec County, Maine
Julia A. Rogers and Cathy D. Collins
Seasonal Abundance of Tabanus calens and other Tabanidae (Diptera) near Snake Mountain, Addison County, Vermont
Jeffrey V. Freeman
Influence of Light Quality and Quantity on Heterophylly in the Aquatic Plant Nymphaea odorata subsp. tuberosa (Nymphaeaceae)
Shelley A. Etnier, Philip J. Villani, and Travis J. Ryan1
Food Habits of Flightless American Eiders (Somateria mollissima dresseri) in Québec, Canada
Kenny Houle, Matthew D.B. English, Jean-Pierre L. Savard, Mark L. Mallory, Jean-François Giroux, and Shawn R. Craik
Microhabitat Selection of the Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus Miller) in the Central Appalachians
Corinne A. Diggins and W. Mark Ford
Differential Responses to Light and Nutrient Availability by Geographically Isolated Poison Ivy Accessions
John G. Jelesko, Elise B. Benhase, and Jacob N. Barney
Passage Dates, Energetic Condition, and Age Distribution of Irruptive Pine Siskins during Autumn Stopovers at a Reclaimed Landfill in the New Jersey Meadowlands
Chad L. Seewagen and Michael Newhouse
Expanded Distributions of Three Etheostoma Darters (Subgenus Nothonotus) within the Upper Ohio River Watershed
Anthony S. Honick, Brian J. Zimmerman, Jay R. Stauffer Jr., David G. Argent, and Brady A. Porter
Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) Death by Stick Impalement
Shannon M. Barber-Meyer, Lori J. Schmidt, and L. David Mech
Roosting Habits of Two Lasiurus borealis (Eastern Red Bat) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
Zackary A. Hann, Micah J. Hosler, and Paul R. Moosman Jr.
Atypical Feeding Behavior of Long-tailed Ducks in the Wake of a Commercial Fishing Boat while Clamming
Matthew C. Perry, Peter C. Osenton, and Timothy P. White
Observation of Common Nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) and Bats (Chiroptera) Feeding Concurrently
Gabriel J. Foley and Lyndsie S. Wszola

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