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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 12, Number 2, 2013

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Observations on the Identification of Larval and Juvenile Scaphirhynchus spp. in the Lower Mississippi River
Paul Hartfield, Nathan M. Kuntz, and Harold L. Schramm, Jr.

Historical vs. Current Biological Assemblages in the Little Choctawhatchee Watershed, Southeastern AL
Jonathan M. Miller and Paul M. Stewart
Variation Across Years in Rumen-Reticulum Capacity and Digesta Load in White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
Ryan S. Luna and Floyd W. Weckerly
Age and Gender Affect Epiphyseal Closure in White-tailed Deer
Emily B. Flinn, Bronson K. Strickland, Stephen Demarais, and David Christianseny
Physiological Condition of Female White-tailed Deer in a Nutrient-deficient Habitat Type
M. Colter Chitwood, Christopher S. DePerno, James R. Flowers, and Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf
Vegetative Survey of Martha’s Meadow, an Open Limestone Habitat in Northwestern Georgia
Martin L. Cipollini, Maya Strahl, Nicole Soper Gorden, Patricia Tomlinson, and Richard Ware
Quantifiable Long-term Monitoring on Parks and Nature Preserves
Sharon Becker, Christopher Moorman, Christopher DePerno, and Theodore Simons
Effects of Repeated-stand Entries on Terrestrial Salamanders and their Habitat
Jessica A. Homyack and Carola A. Haas
Ant Species in the Diet of a Florida Population of Eastern Narrow-Mouthed Toads, Gastrophryne carolinensis
Mark Deyrup, Leif Deyrup, and James Carrel
Relationships Between Carabid Beetle Communities and Forest Stand Parameters: Taxon Congruence or Habitat Association?
Wade B. Worthen and David C.G. Merriman
Nest Success and Reproductive Ecology of the Texas Botteri’s Sparrow (Peucaea botterii texana) in Exotic and Native Grasses
Katherine S. Miller, Erin M. McCarthy, Marc C. Woodin, and Kim Withers
Effects of Radio-transmitter Methods on Pileated Woodpeckers: An Improved Technique for Large Woodpeckers
Brandon L. Noel, James C. Bednarz, Mark G. Ruder, and M. Kevin Keel
Phthiraptera and Acari Collected from 13 Species of Waterfowl from Alabama and Georgia
Valentina R. Garbarino, Joshua W. Campbell, Joseph O’Brien, Heather C. Proctor, and Bilal Dik
Extinct Pterygoboa (Boidae, Erycinae) from the Latest Oligocene and Early Miocene of Florida
Jim I. Mead and Blaine W. Schubert
Impacts of Beaver Foraging on the Federally Threatened Virginia Spiraea (Spiraea virginiana) along the Cheoah River, NC
C. Reed Rossell, Jr., Kathryn Selm, H. David Clarke, Jonathan L. Horton, Jennifer Rhode Ward, and Steven C. Patch
First Recorded Occurrence of Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow Trout) in Louisiana
Steven G. George, William T. Slack, and K. Jack Killgore
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