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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 20, Number 2, 2021

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Diet of Coyotes on the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge During the White-tailed Deer Pre-fawning and Fawning Seasons
Joseph W. Hinton, Kaitlyn Rountree, and Michael J. Chamberlain
Aggregations of Madtoms and Darters in the Clinch River, Tennessee
William G. Wells and Hannah G. Wood
Age of Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) Leptocephali Recruiting to Salt Marsh Pools in a South Carolina Estuary
Matthew E. Kimball, Marvin M. Mace III, Danielle L. Juzwick, Austen Zugelter, and Jonathan M. Shenker
Habitat Use, Activity Patterns, and Survival of Louisiana Pinesnakes (Pituophis ruthveni) in West-central Louisiana
Jinelle H. Sperry, Patrick J. Wolff, Christopher A. Melder, Javier G. Nevarez, Stacy D. Huskins, and Sarah E. Pearce
Biases in Bird-window Collisions: A Focus on Scavengers and Detection Rates by Observers
Karen E. Powers, Lauren A. Burroughs, Nathan I. Harris III, and Ryley C. Harris
Use of a Novel Refuge Type by Eastern Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon couperi) in Georgia
Frankie H. Snow, Adam B. Safer, Dirk J. Stevenson, and Houston C. Chandler
New Records of the Least Shrew (Cryptotis parva floridana) from Key Largo, Florida
Daniel U. Greene, Michael Gillikin, Emily Evans, and Jeffery A. Gore
Diet of the Invasive Argentine Black and White Tegu in Central Florida
Marie-Therese “Tessie” Offner, Todd S. Campbell, and Steve A. Johnson
The Effects of Prey Species Presence on Pygmy Rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius) Foraging Behaviors
Ethan J. Royal and Terence M. Farrell
Nesting Sites of the Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) in Georgia
Dirk J. Stevenson, Natalie L. Hyslop, Chris Layton, James Godlewski, and Frankie H. Snow
Influence of Soil Saturation on Survival and Growth of Bottomland Oaks Six and Fourteen Years After Planting
David C. Mercker, Michael H. Schiebout, Joshua S. Bowden, and James R. Kerfoot Jr.
Mitochondrial DNA Haplotype Diversity in Two Portunid Populations Found Along the Georgia and South Carolina Coasts
Amy Abdulovic-Cui, Sierra Mannix, Austin Coleman, Brittany White, Keturah Mingledolph, and Jessica M. Reichmuth
Recommended Revision of the Type Locality of Clathrodrillia wolfei (Tippett, 1995) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Drilliidae)
Douglas A. Wolfe
Native Mammalian Predators Can Depredate Adult Burmese Pythons in Florida
Matthew F. McCollister, Jillian M. Josimovich, Austin L. Fitzgera
First Record of a North American River Otter Using a Cave as a Natal Den
Lisa M. Smith, Daniel Batie, and Jeffery A. Gore
Effects of Flooding on the Endangered Key Largo Cotton Mouse (Peromyscus gossypinus allapaticola) in Florida
Daniel U. Greene, Michael T. Mengak, Steven B. Castleberry, Sandra Sneckenberger, and Jeffery A. Gore
Predation of a Cavity Kleptoparasite by an Eastern Rat Snake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis) at an Active Nest Cavity of a Red-cockaded Woodpecker (Dryobates borealis)
Andy Van Lanen
Recent Records and Range Expansion of Dasypus novemcinctus (Nine-banded Armadillo) in Virginia
Nancy D. Moncrief, Michael L. Fies, and Seth D. Thompson

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