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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 8, Special Issue 2, 2009

Contents. Click on the hotlinked titles to view open-access first pages with abstracts.

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An Ecological Classification System for the National Forests and Adjacent Areas of the West Gulf Coastal Plain
James E. Van Kley and Rick L. Turner
Ecological Parameters of Coluber constrictor etheridgei, with Comparisons to Other Coluber constrictor Subspecies
Robert R. Fleet, D. Craig Rudolph, J.D. Camper, and J. Niederhofer
Texas Ratsnake Predation on Southern Flying Squirrels in Red-cockaded Woodpecker Cavities
D. Craig Rudolph, Richard R. Schaefer, Josh B. Pierce, Dan Saenz, and Richard N. Conner
Estimating Waterfowl Densities in a Flooded Forest: A Comparison of Methods
R. Montague Whiting, Jr. and J. Paul Cornes
Habitat Selection by Anolis carolinensis (Green Anole) in Open Pine Forests in Eastern Texas
Richard R. Schaefer, Robert R. Fleet, D. Craig Rudolph, and Nancy E. Koerth

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