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Northeastern Naturalist Volume 14, Number 1, 2007

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Macrolichen Indicators of Air Quality for Nova Scotia
Robert P. Cameron, Thomas Neily, and David H.S. Richardson
Macrolichens as Biomonitors of Air-quality Change in Western Pennsylvania
James R. McClenahen, Donald D. Davis, and Russell J. Hutnik

Use of the Moss Dicranum montanum to Evaluate Recent Temporal Trends of Mercury Accumulation in Oak Forests of Pennsylvania
Donald D. Davis, James R. McClenahen, and Russell J. Hutnik

Two Closed-canopy Barren Plant Communities in East-central Illinois
William E. McClain, Bobby R. Edgin, Terry L. Esker, and John E. Ebinger

Ice Damage to Trees on the Virginia Tech Campus from Ice Storms
Richard W. Rhoades and R. Jay Stipes

Effects of Deer Browsing on Native and Non-native Vegetation in a Mixed Oak-Beech Forest on the Atlantic Coastal Plain
C. Reed Rossell, Jr,, Steven Patch, and Susan Salmons
Impacts of Garlic Mustard Invasion on a Forest Understory Community
Kristina Stinson, Sylvan Kaufman, Luke Durbin, and Frank Lowenstein

Winter Food Habits of Lagopus lagopus (Willow Ptarmigan) as a Mechanism to Explain Winter Sexual Segregation
Leanne T. Elson, Francis E. Schwab, and Neal P.P. Simon

Seasonal Home Range and Diurnal Movements of Sylvilagus obscurus (Appalachian Cottontail) at Dolly Sods, West Virginia
Kelly A. Boyce and Ronald E. Barry


A Comparison of Body Mass of Canis latrans (Coyotes) Between Eastern and Western North America
Jonathan G. Way

Effects of Lowhead Dams on Unionids in the Fox River, Illinois
Jeremy S. Tiemann, Hope R. Dodd, Nick Owens, and David H. Wahl

Termite Resource Partitioning Related to Log Diameter
Deborah A. Waller

Use of a Robin’s Nest as a Cache Site for Truffles by a Red Squirrel
David M. Carroll and Gordon R. Ultsch

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