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Northeastern Naturalist Volume 21, Number 4, 2014

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Evidence for Population Differentiation in the Bog Buckmoth of New York State
Janet Buckner, Amy B. Welsh, and Karen R. Sime
Nest-site Selection and Breeding Ecology of the Cerulean Warbler in Southern Indiana
Jennifer R. Wagner and Kamal Islam
Mercury Accumulation in Pinus nigra (Austrian Pine)
Russell J. Hutnik, James R. McClenahen, Robert P. Long, and Donald D. Davis
Evaluation of Ailanthus altissima as a Bioindicator to Detect Phytotoxic Levels of Ozone
Lauren K. Seiler, Dennis R. Decoteau, and Donald D. Davis
Thermal Regulation and Habitat Use of the Eastern Box Turtle in Southwestern Virginia
Todd S. Fredericksen
Precision and Bias of Using Opercles as Compared to Otoliths, Dorsal Spines, and Scales to Estimate Ages of Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
V. Alex Sotola, George A. Maynard, Erin M. Hayes-Pontius, Timothy B. Mihuc, Mark H. Malchoff, and J. Ellen Marsden
Survey of a Coastal Tiger Beetle Species, Cicindela marginata Fabricius, in Maine
Mark A.Ward and Jonathan D. Mays
Hibernating Bats and Abandoned Mines in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Allen Kurta and Steven M. Smith
An Examination of Petromyzontidae in Pennsylvania: Current Distribution and Habitat Preference of Lampreys
Shan Li, Karl-M. Werner, and Jay R. Stauffer, Jr.
American Chestnut Seed Dispersal and Regeneration
Bernd Heinrich
Dragonfly and Damselfly Colonization and Recolonization of a Large, Semi-permanent Pennsylvania Pond
Clark N. Shiffer and Harold B. White III
Potential Edaphic and Aquatic Predators of a Nonindigenous Asian Earthworm (Amynthas agrestis) in the Eastern United States
John P. Gorsuch and Patrick C. Owen
Redpoll Snow Bathing: Observations and Hypothesis
Bernd Heinrich
Northern Range Extension of Psorthaspis sanguinea (Smith) (Hymenoptera:Pompilidae) and a Record of Psorthaspis mariae (Cresson) From the Delmarva Peninsula
Christopher M. Heckscher
Interannual Survival of Myotis lucifugus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) near the Epicenter of White-Nose Syndrome
Jonathan D. Reichard, Nathan W. Fuller, Alyssa B. Bennett, Scott R. Darling, Marianne S. Moore, Kate E. Langwig, Emily D. Preston, Susi von Oettingen, Christopher S. Richardson, and D. Scott Reynolds
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