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Northeastern Naturalist Volume 24, Number 4, 2017

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Assessment of Wildlife Habitat Attributes at Restoration Projects on Northern Wisconsin Lakeshores
Daniel E. Haskell, Christopher R. Webster, Alex L. Bales, Michael W. Meyer, and David J. Flaspholer
Invasive Earthworms Ingest and Digest Garlic Mustard Seeds at Rates Equal to Native Seeds
Kathryn M. Flinn
The Bee Fauna of Inland Sand Dune and Ridge Woodland Communities in Worcester County, Maryland
Jennifer A. Selfridge, Christopher T. Frye, Jason Gibbs, and Robert P. Jean
One Hundred New Provincial, National, and Continental Lichen and Allied Fungi Records from Parc National de la Gaspésie, Québec, Canada
R. Troy McMullin, Jean Gagnon, Frances Anderson, William R. Buck, Stephen R. Clayden, Briann C. Dorin, Alan Fryday, John G. Guccion, Richard C. Harris, James Hinds, Claude Isabel, Douglas Ladd, Elisabeth Lay, James C. Lendemer, Jose R. Maloles, Claude Roy, and Dennis P. Waters
Multidecadal Trends in Atmospheric and Ocean Conditions in Offshore Waters near Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Stephen M. Smith
Genetic Population Structure and Accuracy of Morphological Assessment in Alosa aestivalis (Blueback Herring) and A. pseudoharengus (Alewife)
Christopher Kan, John Lichter, and Vladimir Douhovnikoff
Species Identification of Vagrant Empidonax Flycatchers in Northeastern North America via Non-invasive DNA Sequencing
Nathan R. Goldberg and Nicholas A. Mason
Using Distance-sampling to Estimate Density of White-tailed Deer in Forested, Mountainous Landscapes in Virginia
David M. Montague, Roxzanna D. Montague, Michael L. Fies, and Marcella J. Kelly
Exfoliating Bark Does Not Protect Platanus occidentalis From Root-climbing Lianas
James R. Milks, Justin Hibbard, and Thomas P. Rooney
Life History and Potential Hosts of Zapatella davisae (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae), a Recent Invader on Black Oak in the Northeastern United States
Monica Davis, Joseph Elkinton, and Russell Norton
New England Range Extension of American Brook Lamprey (Lethenteron appendix), as Confirmed by Genetic Analysis
Jacob T. Aman, Margaret F. Docker, and Kristin Wilson Grimes
Determining the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Composition of Freshwater Streams from Fish-Gut Analysis
Shelly Collette Pickett and Jay Richard Stauffer Jr.
Some Phoretic Associations of Macroinvertebrates on Transplanted Federally Endangered Freshwater Mussels
Jason L. Robinson, Mark J. Wetzel, and Jeremy S. Tiemann
Observations of a Killdeer Nest with Possible Simultaneous Polygamy
Chuck Slusarczyk Jr. and Andrew W. Jones






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