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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 10, Number 3, 2011

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Long-distance Movement by American Alligators in Southwest Louisiana
Valentine A. Lance, Ruth M. Elsey, Phillip L. Trosclair III, and Leisa A. Nunez
Growth of the Flattened Musk Turtle, Sternotherus depressus Tinkle and Webb
Sherry R. Melancon, Robert A. Angus, and Ken R. Marion
Size and Growth in Two Populations of Black Kingsnakes, Lampropeltis nigra, in East Tennessee
Ted M. Faust and Sean M. Blomquist
Estimating Occupancy of Rare Fishes Using Visual Surveys, with a Comparison to Backpack Electrofishing
Brett Albanese, Katharine A. Owers, Deborah A. Weiler, and William Pruitt
Validation of Annulus Formation in Otoliths of Notchlip Redhorse (Moxostoma collapsum) and Brassy Jumprock (Moxostoma sp.) in Broad River, South Carolina, with Observations on their Growth and Mortality
Jason M. Bettinger and John S. Crane
Short-term Assessment of Morphological Change on Five Lower Mississippi River Islands
James E. Moore, Scott B. Franklin, Daniel Larsen, and Jack W. Grubaugh
Mayfly and Stonefly Distribution in the Mainstem Cahaba River, Alabama
Patrick H. Graves III and G. Milton Ward
Prescribed Fire and the Abundance of Soil Microarthropods in Northeast Georgia
Matthew W. Hutchins, Barbara C. Reynolds, and Steven P. Patch
Age-Specific Reproductive Rates of River Otters in Southern Missouri
Shawn M. Crimmins, Nathan M. Roberts, and David A. Hamilton
Artificial Nest Cavities Designed for Use by Small Mammals
Lara L. Catall, Darcie L. Odom, Jacqueline T. Bangma, Terry L. Barrett, and Gary W. Barrett
Bats of the Cumberland Plateau and Ridge and Valley Provinces, Virginia
John Timpone, Karen E. Francl, Dale Sparks, Virgil Brack, Jr., and Joel Beverly
Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) Maternity Colonies in Arkansas
Stephen C. Brandebura, Evan L. Pannkuk, and Thomas S. Risch
Habitat Characteristics and Conservation Status of Three Pennides Crayfish in Marion County, Georgia
JoAnn Chadwick and George E. Stanton
Distribution and Conservation Status of the Rusty Gravedigger, Cambarus miltus, a Poorly Known Gulf Coastal Crayfish
Christopher A. Taylor, Guenter A. Schuster, Courtney L. Graydon, and Paul E. Moler
First Record of the Invasive Orconectes rusticus (Rusty Crayfish) from the Potomac River, Maryland
Jay V. Kilian and Patrick Ciccotto
First Record of the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) as a Host to the Sea Turtle Barnacle (Chelonibia testudinaria)
James C. Nifong and Michael G. Frick
A Photographic Record of a Rare Ophidian Predation Event
Edward J. Tivador III, Samuel Bonge, Stephanie Rodriguez, Jeffery R. Woniak, and William I. Lutterschmidt
Behavioral Observations of Lilliputian Piscivores: Young-of-year Sphyraena barracuda at Offshore Sub-tropical Reefs (NW Atlantic Ocean)
Peter J. Auster, David Grenda, Jeff Godfrey, Eric Heupel, Steven Auscavitch, and Joseph Mangiafico
An Extralimital Record of a Louisiana-Banded Mottled Duck Recovered in South Dakota
Will Selman, Thomas J. Hess, Jr., Jeb Linscombe, and Larry Reynolds
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