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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 17, Number 2, 2018

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Using Canals in Southern Florida to Measure Impacts of Urbanization on Herpetofaunal Community Composition
Oliver Ljustina and Shelby Barrett
Assessing the Impacts of an Active Water Schedule on Vegetation Structure in the Northern Everglades
Sergio C. Gonzalez
Larval Life History of Lithobates sphenocephalus (Southern Leopard Frog) in Southeast Louisiana
James A. Erdmann, Cody D. Godwin, Martha R. Villalba-Guerra, D. Cooper Campbell, Jordan Donini, C. Elyse Parker, Ariana E.E. Rupp, Courtney A. Weyand, Melanie A.J. Partin, Timothy Borgardt, and Christopher K. Beachy
Long-Distance Movements of Four Polyodon spathula (Paddlefish) from a Remote Oxbow Lake in the Lower Mississippi River Basin
Ehlana G. Stell, Jan Jeffrey Hoover, Bryan A. Cage, Darrin Hardesty, and Glenn R. Parson
Acute Toxicity of Chloride, Potassium, Nickel, and Zinc to Federally Threatened and Petitioned Mollusk Species
Kesley J. Gibson, Jonathan M. Miller, Paul D. Johnson, and Paul M. Stewart
Habitat Associations of Three Crayfish Endemic to the Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion
Joseph J. Dyer and Shannon K. Brewer
Effects of Brush Management on the Reproductive Ecology of Endangered Black-capped Vireos
Daniel G. Kovar, David A. Cimprich, and Jinelle H. Sperry
Resolving Questionable Records of Pituophis ruthveni (Louisiana Pinesnake)
Connor S. Adams, Josh B. Pierce, D. Craig Rudolph, Wade A. Ryberg, and Toby J. Hibbitts
Avian Feeding on Seed of the Exotic Ornamental Lagerstroemia indica (Crapemyrtle)
Gary R. Graves
Capture-site Characteristics for Eastern Spotted Skunks in Mature Forests during Summer
Roger W. Perry, D. Craig Rudolph, and Ronald E. Thill
Length, Body Depth, and Gape Relationships and Inference on Piscivory Among Common North American Centrarchids
Anthony V. Fernando, Kyler B. Hecke, and Michael A. Eggleton
Status of Eastern Woodrats in Isolated Remnant Populations Following Genetic Augmentation and Habitat Disturbance
Aaron C. Gooley and Eric M. Schauber
Survival and Cause-specific Mortality of Adult Female Eastern Wild Turkeys in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest
Michael E. Byrne and Michael J. Chamberlain
A Reliable Bioindicator of Anthropogenic Impact on the Coast of South Carolina
Mustafa R. Gül and Blaine D. Griffen
Range Expansion of Fascioloides magna in North Carolina
April D. Boggs, Christopher S. DePerno, and James R. Flowers
First Records of Gonatista grisea (Grizzled Mantis) from Alabama with a Brief Review of the Current Distribution in the US
Brian D. Holt, William Lilly, and Sean Sanders
Flower-Feeding by Two Species of Mydas Fly (Diptera: Mydidae) in Florida, with Notes on Tree-form Licania michauxii (Gopher Apple)
Alexander B. Orfinger, Sandor L. Kelly, and Derek A. Woller
Recent Noteworthy Distribution Records for Deinopis spinosa (Marx, 1889) (Araneae: Deinopidae) in the Southeastern United States
Dirk J. Stevenson, Grover Brown, Houston Chandler, Daniel D. Dye II, Christopher Garza, Marks McWhorter, Matt Moore, and Aimée Thomas
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