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Debating the Thing in the North I

Selected Papers from Workshops Organized by The Assembly Project

Journal of the North Atlantic Special Volume 5, 2013

Contents. Click on the hotlinked titles to view open-access first pages with abstracts. 

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Debating the Thing in the North I: Introduction and Acknowledgments
Alexandra Sanmark, Sarah Semple, Natascha Mehler, and Frode Iversen

Research Articles

Concilium and Pagus—Revisiting the Early Germanic Thing System of Northern Europe
Frode Iversen

Þing goða—The Mythological Assembly Site
Nanna Løkka

Sacred Legal Places in Eddic Poetry: Reflected in Real Life?
Anne Irene Riisøy

State Formation, Administrative Areas, and Thing Sites in the Borgarthing Law Province, Southeast Norway
Marie Ødegaard

Tracing Medieval Administrative Systems: Hardanger, Western Norway
Halldis Hobæk

Governance at the Anglo-Scandinavian Interface: Hundredal Organization in the Southern Danelaw
John Baker and Stuart Brookes

Patterns of Assembly: Norse Thing Sites in Shetland
Alexandra Sanmark

What is in a Booth? Material Symbolism at Icelandic Assembly Sites
Orri Vésteinsson







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