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Editorial Workflow

The Urban Naturalist has established the following timeline goals for the review process to help ensure thorough, but timely handling of all submissions.

  1. Generally within 1 workday of submission, authors sent acknowledgment and request for any missing confirmations or materials.
  2. Review process initiated within 1 workday of receiving all needed confirmations and materials.
  3. Manuscripts assigned and sent to guest editor within 2 weeks of submission.
  4. Guest editors to send manuscript out to two reviewers within 2 weeks of taking assignment.
  5. Reviewers to complete assessment and return comments to guest editor within 6 weeks.
  6. Guest editors to contact authors with decision within 2 weeks of receiving reviewer comments.
  7. If revision is requested, authors to make revisions to manuscript and return it to Associate Editor within 4 weeks.
  8. Guest editors to review revised manuscript and either send back to authors for additional revisions or confirm that the manuscript is acceptable for publication and send on to the Production Editor within 2 weeks of receipt of revised manuscript.
  9. Production staff to proof edit and layout the manuscript in galley form within 2 weeks of receipt of appropriately formatted accepted finalized materials. Galley is then sent to guest editor and author for final review prior to publication.
  10. Guest editor and author have 2 weeks to review and return galley edits.
  11. Production staff will then make corrections, conduct a final proof reading, and publish the manuscript within 2 weeks.

Thus, if authors promptly make sufficient revisions to address all reviewer concerns without necessitating further rounds of revision and review, manuscripts will generally be published within 6 months or less from the time of submission.



Submit a manuscript

We welcome submissions of manuscripts. Please consider the following guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Formatting Guidelines

If you have questions, please contact one of the Co-Editors

Joscha Beninde

Ian MacGregor-Fors

or the Publisher

Joerg-Henner Lotze


Access Journal Content

The Urban Naturalist is currently offering open access to its contents.


Special Issues


Urban Habitats Archived Content

The Urban Naturalist has grown out of the fertile ground of Brooklyn Botanic Garden's journal Urban Habitats, which is no longer active. We have agreed to steward the archives of all of the past published content of the Urban Habitats, which remains open access. ... Archives


Copyright Policy

The Eagle Hill Institute reserves the copyright to the content of its journals. Any reproduction in print or electronic format, other than for an individual's own personal and private use, is prohibited without written permission from the Institute.

Authors are provided a print-quality pdf file of their article with permission to post the file on their personal and their institution’s website.