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Northeastern Naturalist Volume 19, Number 3, 2012

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Notes on the Nesting Ecology of Eastern Box Turtles near the Northern Limit of their Range
Lisabeth L. Willey and Paul R. Sievert
Temporal Variation in Molluscan Community Structure in an Urban New Jersey Pond
Eric J. Chapman, Robert S. Prezant, and Rebecca Shell
Potential Effects of Beech Bark Disease on Small Mammals and Invertebrates in Northeastern US Forests
Danielle E. Garneau, Meghan E. Lawler, Andrew S. Rumpf, Emily S. Weyburne,
Thomas M. Cuppernull, and Adam G. Boe
Canis latrans (Coyote) Habitat Use and Feeding Habits in Central West Virginia
Shawn M. Crimmins, John W. Edwards, and John M. Houben
The Effect of Deer Browse on Sundial Lupine: Implications for Frosted Elfins
Jennifer A. Frye
Physiographic and Anthropogenic Factors Influencing Fish Community Composition in Tributaries to the Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania
David G. Argent and William G. Kimmel
Variability in Beach Seine Samples at Small Spatial and Temporal Scales in a Near-shore Estuarine Environment
Kevin Teather, Pamela MacDonald, and Christina Pater
Trematode Infections in Littorina littorea on the New Hampshire Coast
Walter J. Lambert, Elise Corliss, Jasper Sha, and Jaquay Smalls
Tidal Migrations of Intertidal Salt Marsh Creek Nekton Examined with Underwater Video
Matthew E. Kimball and Kenneth W. Able
Near-shore Fish Populations within St. Pauls Inlet, an Estuarine System in Western Newfoundland
Ryan L. Melanson and Christine E. Campbell
Abundance and Species Composition Surveys of Macroalgal Blooms in Rhode Island Salt Marshes
Christine Newton and Carol Thornber
Mycorrhizal Colonization of Hypericum perforatum L. (Hypericaceae) from Serpentine and Granite Outcrops on the Deer Isles, Maine
Naveed Davoodian, Jason Bosworth, and Nishanta Rajakaruna
Crow Pellets from Winter Roosts in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Mary Annala, Eric A. Tillman, Gregory Backus, Kandy L. Keacher, and Michael L. Avery
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